what does a wedding planner

What does a Wedding Planner do? Avoid the disasters I have seen at Weddings where I worked as a singer

What does a Wedding Planner do? Avoid the disasters I have seen at Weddings where I worked as a singer. HERE’S HOW I STARTED, MY STORY, MY PHILOSOPHY…

I would like to tell you a little about myself….

My name is Mirko Zago, before becoming a Wedding Planner, I graduated in Jazz singing after years of studying between Verona, Rome and Milan. I worked for more than 10 years in the events sector, in which I sang and entertained guests at weddings, private parties, corporate functions and resorts abroad, such as the islands of Athuruga and Thudufushi in the Maldives.

During these years, I worked as a musician at around 200 weddings and things did not always go as planned, in fact I witnessed certain wedding disasters. I consider myself to be a good observer, very attentive to detail and everything that surrounds me.


What does a Wedding Planner do?


At weddings where I worked as a singer, one thing that recurred often was bad time management, guests left alone upon arrival at the location, poor service, creased and stained tablecloths, jokes made by guests that went on for too long and caused delays. The newlyweds arrived when the aperitif was over, because after the ceremony they went to have their photographs taken, and missed out on one of the best moments of the day. Long waits between courses, bored guests before the cutting of the cake which was close to closing time. What was missing was the time needed to entertain guests and get the party off the ground. Continuous disasters.

But the thing that saddened me the most was seeing the newlyweds tired, exhausted and even agitated when their long-awaited day had only just begun.

This should never happen at a wedding, given the time and energy dedicated to the organisation, the economic commitment and expectations.



What couple would like this on their wedding day? How did it happen?

Why did the spouses choose these structures which turned out to be disappointing? The answer is simple.

When the couple speak to certain suppliers or visit some locations, they are struck by the beauty of the place, the price, the appearance of what they see and what is offered or promised to them. Couples, however, taken by the enthusiasm do not notice that they are “driven” by the manager / owner or wedding planner that works exclusively at that establishment, in which the couples are offered a facsimile wedding and often given a list of trusted suppliers, even before being listened to and understanding their wishes, expectations, needs, tastes, priorities and above all their budget. For the resort, one couple is the same as another, it makes no difference. 

what does a wedding planner


For me there is a difference between each couple! A couple is unique!, she is unique, he is unique! Everything starts from the first meeting, I listen to you, I let you speak, I try to understand who you are, where you come from and what you are looking for. I listen to your life stories, your love and the anecdotes that unite you. Empathy and trust is paramount. I am committed, I suggest, I explain, I am moved like you, I dream, I see and create, I advise and follow you 360° on this wonderful journey. It then begins with the search for the location and the place of the ceremony. I introduce you to each individual supplier and support you in the comprehension and signing of each contract. So slowly the project and the realisation of your dream comes to life. Every wedding is exclusive and built around every love story.

My happiness is seeing you happy and making your dream come true. For me, this is being a wedding planner.

what does a wedding planner

And here I am, the beauty of this work is that it never comes to an end, there is always something to see, try, learn, test, taste, create, know and share. For me this is adrenaline, joy, positivity and desire to live. It is life!

The season is approaching and I can’t wait to share with you the outcome of this year’s wedding projects  in which each one will be completely different from the other.

what does a wedding planner

If you liked my story and are looking for a wedding planner who understands you and can help fulfil your dream, let me know. I would happy to meet you and get to know you.

Hope to see you soon, Mirko Zago 


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