I am Mirko Zago: born artist, Wedding Planner and Designer by vocation.


I am Mirko Zago: born artist, Wedding Planner and Designer by vocation.

Unconventional Wedding Planner and Designer: my path, from the soundtrack to direction

For many years I worked in the wedding industry as a singer: which gave me the privilege of observing the successful aspects… but also the unsuccessful aspects of numerous weddings.

From “behind the scenes” I saw constant problems, mistakes, bored guests and stressed couples, long waits, endless pranks, unmanaged delays… The couple missed the aperitif because they went off to take photos for an hour and a half after the ceremony. And no one did anything. I started coordinating weddings to save the party and avoid the general flight of exhausted guests immediately after cutting the cake.

After years of selling entertainment and coordination, I started working as a wedding planner, helping to bring to life the truly perfect day for the bride and groom… And for their guests too.

What makes a wedding unforgettable, is everything you can’t see.



No detail
is unimportant.

Experience, creativity and rigor are the ingredients with which I help you transform your long-anticipated day into the most exciting experience of your life. Of the preparations, you will only enjoy the beauty and, during your wedding, you will experience a touch of magic: everything will be as agreed, yet capable of delightful surprises.


The wedding your guests will love as much as you do.

Flowers, setting, lighting, menus… Everything is important to create the perfect atmosphere. But a wedding is also what cannot be seen. It’s having the right time to savor every moment, it’s everything you don’t notice because it goes smoothly: without long waits, without queues, without moments of boredom. I make sure that every detail contributes to making your wedding a day of joy and fun, for you, for your guests.



A team ready for anything

From the world of art, I learned that in order not to break the scenic illusion, those who work behind the scenes must always be present, and never be noticed. My staff and I will be by your side even after the cake is cut, to make sure that every moment is perfect. With uniforms that complement your wedding theme, we will be a constant but discreet presence: you will only be aware of us if you require assistance.

During our first meetings, you will accompany me into your world. In our follow up meetings, we will define the path that will take you to the world that I will create for you: it will be an exciting journey, towards an even more exciting destination.


I create weddings that interpret the particularities and uniqueness of couples.

Every wedding is a unique and unrepeatable narrative. Discover the stories already written and the memories already created, and let yourself be inspired: details create the nuances that make every wedding special.