How do we know if you can help us in organising our wedding?
After an initial exchange of emails, we will call you in order to get to know each other and fully understand
your requests, such as the key points of your wedding in addition to the date and location.
Then, if all goes well, we will make an appointment where we will meet in person and answer all your
questions, defining everything in detail, making an offer tailored to your requests.




Where do you operate?
We mainly work in Verona and on Lake Garda, we have worked in Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige, but
we are able to operate throughout Italy.




Is it possible to have only the coordination or a single service for our wedding?
Unfortunately not. My choice is to give my best, for this reason together with my team, we offer a
complete and tailor-made service based on the couple’s requests.




Do you offer packages or an all-inclusive service?
Unfortunately not. For us, each love story in unique and we like to tell it by offering tailor-made service,
working on the requests and expectations of each couple.




Do you work only with your suppliers or also with those recommended by the spouses?
We also work with suppliers recommended by the spouses but only after having verified the
professionalism and quality, and in any case always under our coordination and management. It is a
question of responsibility towards you and the final result, which we always feel obliged to guarantee.




Mirko, do you have staff or do you work alone?
I work together with two trusted and expert collaborators in this sector. Based on the needs and dynamics
of the event, the number of staff will be increased.




How do we define the budget and understand how much the entire wedding would cost?
Through some targeted questions, during our first contacts, we are able to roughly estimate what your
budget for the wedding of your dreams will be.




Do we sign a contract if we decide to appoint you?
Certainly. Our contract has been written up by a lawyer specialised in this sector and includes all the points
and clauses that will protect our relationship from the beginning up to the big day.
The signing of the contract kicks off the beginning of the collaboration and
the process of actually organising the wedding.
Every detail will be defined and written without leaving any doubts or perplexities.
Schedules, tasks, services and timing of payments will be defined.

Do you also organise corporate parties, birthdays or other types of events?
Certainly. Our service is also available for other special events.

How can I help you? Please describe below

My staff and I will be there on your most important day to make you live an unforgettable moment,
full of serenity and fun.

The key points I work on to make a perfect wedding are





Help me to get to know you and understand the type of wedding the best represents you and it’s what you dream of, writing any detail or anecdote.

Have you already set a date?
Let me know, so that we can immediately check our availability.

Do you have already set a total spending budget?
Write it down, if you have doubts or do not know how to estimate it, I can help you.


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