4 Small tips fot the perfect bride.


Dearest bride, if you are reading this article it means your dream is coming true

I’m sure the first thing you will do is look for the perfect dress.

As you well know, every silhouette favours a specific model, choose the one that will enhance you best.

Today I’m not here to talk about wedding dresses, but to give you 4 small tips on how to be and make the best use of your accessories, make-up, shoes, bouquet and more

You know that all eyes will be on you, whether you like it or not.

Get a pen and paper or take a screenshot of the following 4 basic points.

Read it several times, don’t wait, start rehearsing at home and you won’t forget anything on your big day.
Involve your friends or your bridesmaids.

Are you ready? Well, let’s begin…

Here you are 4 small tips for the perfect bride all day… Make-up, shoes, bouquet and…

If you have chosen a professional Make-Up Artist, have no doubts, the make-up will last all day.

It is always a good rule to have with you the necessary for a quick touch-up, lipstick or gloss is essential.

The bouquet is your most precious accessory and will enhance you and your dress only if you hold it in the right way, on the contrary it could ruin your look and you will realise this when it is too late in the photos.

The bouquet should be held with one hand or two at the navel!

Precisely, slightly moved to the side with the elbow slightly flexed, in this way you will not cover the bodice of the dress and your face. Never keep the bouquet at chest or shoulder height, especially with the elbow flexed at 90 degrees. During the day, especially during your ceremony entrance, your emotions will be soaring, do not take it for granted, start immediately, do some trial runs and in the end it will become an automatic and natural gesture.

Choose a “comfortable” pair of shoes with a heel not too high, you will be wearing them for many hours.

If the location you have chosen has a garden or an entrance with stones, wear a heel protector, you will have more stability and you will not ruin and dirty your precious shoes.

Bring two other shoe types with you: wedges and sneakers.
Your wedges should be the same height as your heeled shoes, so as to relieve your feet during the table service or during times such as photo and video sessions.

It is important to have the shoes at the same height because if you choose a lower shoe or even worse a flat shoe, you will have to raise the dress to avoid tripping. Remember, you can see everything in the photos and videos!

Bring a pair of sneakers to enjoy dancing wildly with your friends during the wedding party.

Last advice really comes from the heart: Do not pay attention to the opinion of others, never choose anything if you are not convinced 100%. Every choice must make you feel confident and beautiful.

Emotions during a wedding can be sky-high! At times you will not understand or feel anything.

The day will be really long but before you know it everything will be over.

In the months leading up to the wedding, surround yourself with people who give you positive energy and can really help you.

Live it to the fullest and with serenity, it only happens once in a lifetime!! (Hopefully)

For any doubt or information drop me a line, I will be happy to help you.
See you soon.

Mirko Zago Wedding Planner