A lovable dream in delicate colours of powder pink and cream. An Italian wedding with an Austrian flavour for Alexandra & David’s destination wedding Verona, organised in just 6 months.

Alexandra & David’s wedding had a single diktat: attention to detail and perfection. Directly from Innsbruck, the couple contacted me in February 2019, as they were delighted by the photographs taken of my previous organised weddings. Happy to help them, they proposed the wedding date for August or September 2019.

It seemed impossible, yet we did it! In just 6 months, Alexandra & David’s dream came true. The destination wedding Verona, so much desired, made the couple, their families, and their relatives dream. Let’s see together, step by step, how we worked on the creation of this fairy tale.

The handwritten wedding invitations in shades of powder pink and rose gold.

The chosen colour of the wedding was powder pink in all its forms, up to creamy white. A delicate and romantic feeling, elegant and bright, perfect for this couple. From the invitations, handwritten by a calligrapher in rose gold, to the bridesmaids’ dresses and the settings, the fabrics, and the flowers: everything revolved around this colour, and from there everything started. 

destination wedding Verona

Alexandra, the bride, together with her bridesmaids and daughter.


Destination wedding Verona: The location

It was essential for the spouses to have a location with several guest rooms available. A wedding with about 80 guests, that would all lodge at the same place, to that they everyone could share the entire experience of almost 3 days. Much more than just a simple wedding!

In fact, Alexandra and David, wanted a pre-wedding dinner with their closest friends the evening before the wedding, and breakfast the day after the wedding, so as to greet them before their departure. The chosen location was Hotel Veronesi La Torre in Dossobuono, Verona, selected on the basis of their needs, expectations and budget.

The location consists of a grand hotel with many available rooms, large green areas with a delicate atmosphere, perfect even if it rains, so I had clearly arranged a plan.

destination wedding

The pre-wedding dinner desired by the couple, together with their closest friends.

Hotel Veronesi La Torre


Alexandra & David’s wedding in Verona: the Ceremony

From the menu to the wedding invitations, lighting, settings, flowers, and the mise en Place. Alexandra & David’s wedding had been cared for in detail, despite the limited time available. The (symbolic) ceremony was nothing short of exciting! We set everything up in the garden, accompanying the ritual with sweet notes of a piano and the voice of a German singer, together with the celebrant.

It seemed like a fairy tale: the spouses swore eternal love under a birchwood arch with soft powder-coloured chiffon, decorated with delicate themed flowers, just like their love. Emotions were palpable: we all cried, me included! Their touching and moving promises then made room for the speeches of their parents and friends. And finally, even their little girl moved everyone by bringing to the altar a wedding ring pillow, made with small roses.

destination wedding Verona

The aperitif and the launch of the bouquet

After drying our tears, the guests were welcomed with an aperitif. Alexandra, the bride, decided to throw her bouquet in a non-traditional way, but by playing a game she had already seen during another wedding of mine.

lancio del bouquet

Alexandra & David’s wedding in Verona: The Dinner

Also for dinner, we followed the same leitmotif of the entire wedding: a delicate mix between coloured taper candles and t-lights in elaborate glass jars; all decorated with mini bouquets of flowers, matching the mise en Place and the decorations. The result? Elegant, bright, splendid … just like the two spouses!

Destination Wedding

Alexandra confided in me that she loved plexiglass, so I did everything I could to insert it both on the tables and for the tableau de mariage. In this way, I tried to resume the style of a placemat (in glass) and all the other accessories used to set up the table. Initially, I tried to show her through my sketch, so she could understand what I had in mind. She said to me, “Mirko, I trust you. I don’t want to see anything until the wedding day.”

Their reaction? Thrilling!

The plexiglass used for the tables and the tableau de marriage.

The plexiglass used for the tableau de marriage.

Destination Wedding Italy: the sweet table and cutting of the cake 

While all the guests were still busy with dinner, my staff and I disassembled and refitted the aperitif and ceremony area from scratch, positioning the birch arch for thecutting of the cake. We were ready for the fireworks effects and soap bubbles, but not only!

We positioned all the evening lights, prepared the counter for the open bar and the buffet of small cakes and fresh fruit near the dance area, with a live band.

The typical Italian confetti table really impressed everyone! We positioned cylinders filled with waterand floating candles, and mini bouquets of flowers and many flavours of sugared almonds, marshmallows and gummy sweets for the little ones were spread out. In another area of the garden, we placed the gifts for all the guests: bottles of limoncello, appreciated by all.

destination wedding

destination wedding

The sweet table at Alexandra & David’s wedding

destination wedding

The gift table decorated with fresh lemons

The party

The guests appreciated every single detail, fully cared for to transform a wedding into a real daydream. After dinner, the celebrations started with dancing and lots of laughs. David, the groom, thanked me, saying: “Look, Mirko. They are all dancing, and this is all thanks to you”.

destination wedding

Cutting of the cake

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